ACA/ACCA Work Scheme

  • HLB Cyprus is an Authorised Training Employer for trainee accountants (ACA/ACCA)
  • All training expenses of our ACA/ACCA trainees are sponsored by our Firm and include tuition costs, study material, examination entry fees, study leave, and subscription to both local and international accounting associations
  • We cooperate with the top tutors/colleges to provide to our trainees paid tuition for ACA/ACCA modules
  • The Board Members and Directors responsible for training, supervise the progress of our trainees and provide guidance and support throughout the training program
  • Trainees are offered a 3-year contract in the Audit and Assurance department of our Nicosia office, which includes a 3-year ACA/ACCA training scheme. They are presented with a unique opportunity to work in a friendly and supportive environment and deal with large and medium sized local and international clients across various sectors of the economy.

Undergraduate Internship Scheme

The Undergraduate Internship Scheme is an initiative of HLB Cyprus Ltd. The scheme offers a unique opportunity to undergraduate students in Cyprus, studying towards a degree in Accounting & Finance, attain technical experience in the real world. Our team of professionals will be next to you, assisting you in every step towards success!

The period of the internship is up to six months. During the internship you will be working in the Audit and Assurance department and/or Accounting department as a member of our team of professionals engaged on clients' assignments. The scheme is carefully designed in terms of working hours to accommodate university study requirements. 

Successful participation in this scheme will provide you with the prospect of an ICAEW/ACCA training contract with our Firm after graduation.

Summer Internship

Our Firm is offering summer internship programmes, lasting two weeks, commencing usually in mid-June. If you want to make the most of your university holidays, adding new skills to your resume and getting a close insight into the work of an Accountant, you should apply when we have a vacancy listed.